The ones that watch my weekly vlogs on Youtube know that I use the word #DOORGECOMBINEERD a lot! It translates to something like #THOROUGLYCOMBINED. Sorry the Dutch word is way more sexy for a [...]

Pink Discrimination

People who watch my weekly videos on my Youtube channel know that I’ve been harassed and threatened to be beaten up, a while ago. I wore this particular outfit when it happened. I was on my way [...]

The power of Pink

I’ve talked about men wearing pink in a previous blog post. I haven’t talked about the power of pink yet. It was brought to my attention that pink originally was a color men would wear in [...]

Compliment me beautiful

You must think, when you read the title of this blog post, what the hack is he saying. I’m always pointing out that people should wear whatever they think is beautiful and makes them happy. [...]

Miss match until the perfect match

When it comes to fashion styling it all comes down to trying new things, trying different options and miss match until you find the perfect match. Well at least in my opinion. We all have our [...]

Stripes and dots

Don’t you agree that stripes and dots make an outfit look more happy? Don’t get me started on how happy I felt once I combined both in one outfit. Combining stripes and dots give the [...]

Divine Denim Diva

I made a vintage spring styling video for my Youtube channel a while ago. I discovered in that video that denim actually suits me very well. I always thought that denim wasn’t for me. Not [...]


I was feeling quite exhausted when I woke up on Sunday morning, the last day of Amsterdam FashionWeek. Although this is what I life for, four days in a row is exhausting. Must be from all the [...]

Amsterdam FashionWeek July 2017 Day 3

It was bright and early when I arrived at Amsterdam FashionWeek day 3. I had to be there early because one of my favourite designers Juliette Heijnen was showing at 12:ooh. Quite early since I [...]