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You must think, when you read the title of this blog post, what the hack is he saying. I’m always pointing out that people should wear whatever they think is beautiful and makes them happy. Because then it won’t matter what other people think or say. Because, hey, if you’re not yourself than who are you? That point of view hasn’t changed at all!

But I was staying in London for twelve days recently. When I was sissy’ing that walk on the streets off London, random people passing by would look up and see me walking and smile. A lot of them even gave me a compliment on my outfit. Wow!, literally, wow! In Amsterdam, or the rest of the Netherlands for that matter, I more than often have to defend my style. People in Amsterdam that are passing by would first tap their friend and then both chuckle about my outfit, in a negative way. Off course I get compliments in Amsterdam but they are rare. It was so refreshing, reassuring and lovely to walk the streets of London.

In Amsterdam I have the feeling that I have to stand up for myself, be strong and keep on doing what I do. Because I do it for me. In London I actually had the feeling people embraced what I do and how I looked. So much more positive! I felt absolutely beautiful in London. Only one thing left to say:

“Live. Love. London…”

I sure did!

Pictures: Designer Sabine Staartjes

Styling, Edit and Concept: Elio Heres

The look: sunnies, yellow coat, purple shirt, pink high waisted pants and clutch are all vintage from Bij ons Vintage, LOVE IT!, belt is from Laura Dolls, watch is from Cluse and golden loafers are from Duke and Dexter.



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  • femke

    hoi hoi

    van mij krijg je ook een lief en postief berichtje hoor !
    ik vond je laatst op youtube en ik hou van mensen die apart zijn net zoals ik al zie je dat niet aan mij maar ik doe gewoon dan doe je al gek genoeg.

    lief mooi mens blijf zoals je bent en die lach op je gezicht is prachtig
    en je kleiding is supper leuk en past zo goed bij jou heerlijk om te zien
    blijf lekker zoals je bent verander nooit voor iemand anders en laat mensen maar kletsen ze zijn gewoon stik jaloers LOL 🙂
    je bent goed bezig !! Ga zo door dikke groetjes liefs je fan

    • Elio Heres

      Wat een heerlijk en lief bericht! Dankjewel <3

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