Dare to Wear !

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I’m a true believer in that your gender, sexual identity, sexual orientation, age, upbringing, religion, IQ or anything else, should not decide what you may wear. Only your own opinion matters! Even when that means wearing only a tank top, some sexy underwear and some fabulous heels. And as you can see it works! So wear whatever you think is beautiful on you  and F*CK the rest of al the haters.

Dare to Wear

Dare to Wear

Dare to Wear.

The look: tanktop from Bas Kosters’ new collection ‘Clowns are People too’ available here. Neon heels from Jeffrey Campbell. Images made in London by Maikel Huijsman.

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  • Angelo

    Love it Elio <3

    Wish I could have a little of the f*ck everybody attitude. I wear what I love, but I still feel insecure and have thoughts like: "What will those people looking at me think?"

    Your legs work this look though! x

    • Elio Heres

      Those thoughts will never fully disappear but if no one ever has this attitude nothing ever will change.

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