Self-Expression speech

I was asked to give a speech about self-expression at the company party of 72andSunny, which is an amazing advertisement company. They made, among other things, this commercial for AXE. They want [...]

Dare to Wear !

I’m a true believer in that your gender, sexual identity, sexual orientation, age, upbringing, religion, IQ or anything else, should not decide what you may wear. Only your own opinion matters! [...]

Private Sale: Walk-in-closet

  Are you tired of shopping online? Or can’t stand the crowded and impersonal stores anymore? Than I have something for you. There is a remarkable women who sells a private collection [...]

Underground Boutique

  For all the vintage lovers out there (including me!): This Sunday C4C and DOKA launch a new project. My friend Leonie doesn’t know how to sit still for a moment, but thats good news [...]