Egyptian Princess

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I’m getting so tired of the fact that people don’t properly dress up anymore when they are going out. Because as you all know, I do! Back in the times of the famous clubs like the Roxy and iT in Amsterdam almost everybody did their absolute best to come up with an amazing artistic and original outfit. Nowadays people in the Netherlands only wear so called comfy clothes which almost never look sharp or amazing. People are dull! I’m beginning to think that I should have lived in the days of the beginning of house music and the amazing clubs like Roxy and iT. But well, I don’t… Still I dress up every time I go out and let everybody see that now is the time to put some effort in your outfit when you go out. But I’d love to have some more competition. There are two main reasons you should look for you’re inner princess (or prince) and blow everyone away on your night out. First, you’ll realize that when you dress up, you feel fabulous. It adds an extra dimension to your night. Second, getting dressed (often with a glass of cava, nice music and friends) is so much fun! So I hereby challenge you to be original and make the party scene in Amsterdam (and the rest of the Netherlands) a bit more glitter and glamour!

I’m so happy to say that people apparently noticed the effort I put in my outfits every time. I’ve been nominated for an award. The award I told you babies about before. Please do vote for me to win the Absolutely Fabulous Kabouter (extravagante nachtvlinder)! You can vote on this website.

Egyptian Princess

IMG_4274 Egyptian Princess

The look: Jewelry by Topshop and vintage, lace catsuit by American Apparel, golden jacket is vintage and the porn heels are from some weird guy who lives in Almere and is to weird to mention. Pictures by me and Anne Oosterheerd.  


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  • Angelo

    You look flawfree and I want those jewelry! And the catsuit haha.

  • L.

    As always, you did a fabulous job. You inspire me, thank you for that.

    • Jonni

      Thanks for shrngai. What a pleasure to read!

  • R

    Well maybe some people don’t have the time, money or interest to dress up when they go out and they just want to dance, laugh and talk with people and have a good time.

  • Janneke

    I can’t agree more! Let’s give the right example.

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