Vietnam: Hoi An and Danang

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Not far from Hué is this beautiful little city named Hoi An. I rented a motorcycle in Hué which I could return in Hoi An. The rental company had an one dollar option that they would bring your backpack to the accommodation in Hoi An for you, uhh yess please! So I was totally carefree and happy to begin my five hour ride to Hoi An. I really love riding a motorcycle as you already read about in my travel blog about the countryside of Ninh Binh. The route to Hoi An is over a beautiful mountains pass  and through the city of Danang. The top of the mountain is foggy, which is beautiful but a bit scary at the same time. It’s recommended that you have passed the mountain top before four pm.

My motorcycle named Playboy and has playboy stickers all over the front. I loved it!

My motorcycle named Playboy with cheeky playboy stickers all over the front. I loved it!

I stayed in the cutest hostel of Hoi An with a rooftop. I adore rooftops because of the overview, beautiful sights and serenity. Hoi An is beautifully maintained in comparison to all the other dirty cities in Vietnam. The ancient city centre is painted in an orange yellow paint and looks very cute. It’s very touristic and filled with fashion retailers. It’s kind of famous for it, because they make you cheap tailor made clothes. Be prepared, they are better in copying than designing clothes. This Diva had six clothes tailor-made there. You should go to Mister Xé. He is bossy but sweet and very good.

Elio Heres in Hoi An en Danang-9

Ancient town of Hoi An.

Elio Heres in Hoi An en Danang-2

Don’t really know why the lady in the front was so cranky when she has all these stuffed animals around her to make her happy.

Elio Heres in Hoi An en Danang-8

This is typical Vietnamese culture. Eating something on the side of the street.

Elio Heres in Hoi An en Danang-6

The lady is making me a pink bodysuit.

I stayed four days in Hoi An, if I recall correctly. That’s actually a bit too long but perfect to get some fabulous clothes made. Also perfect because I had enough time to go to Danang to eat supper and hit some clubs. I didn’t like the bars or clubs in Hoi An that much because it was packed with backpackers who only where there to get stupid drunk. The music was horrible. They played this horrific Dutch song called Drank & Drugs once every twenty minutes. So going clubbing in Danang was perfect. I took a private taxi back and forth, which didn’t cost that much.

First club was Sky, you can already guess, which is actually a club on the rooftop of a skyscraper. I met some crazy and sweet South Korean people there. They were so friendly and funny and took a selfie like every other minute, haha. The club was also very nice with actually some descent music.

Elio Heres in Hoi An en Danang-3

At Sky the rooftop club.

The, overprized, cocktails began doing there work after a few hours so I went to a club for some hard-core dancing. I went to Phuong Dong Bar (but it’s a nightclub), which has an entrance that looks like an ice cave. I got my own table assigned with a dozen servants to light my cigarette, escort me to the dance floor, poor in my drink and al sorts of stuff. The only sad thing was that there wasn’t really room to interact with other tables and actually meet some people. But no worries, along came a new crazy South Korean fellow to get the party started. He waved the servants away and just partied like a crazy bunny with Bono and me. It’s there and than that I fell in love with their craziness, openness and culture. I’m sure my next big trip will probably go to South Korea.

Elio Heres in Hoi An en Danang-4

Phuong Dong Bar

Elio Heres in Hoi An en Danang-5

With Bono at Phuong Dong Bar.

The hostel I stayed in is called Tribee Hoi An, defiantly recommend that one. The staff speaks very good English. If you dare, please rent a motorcycle and feel as liberated as I felt.

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  • Everything Bamboo

    Hi Elio, my friend stayed in Hoi An a couple of years and he loved it too. I’ve only been to Hanoi in Vietnam so far, hopefully will be going to Ho Chi Minh City later this year.

  • Olga Ms.Wild Head blog

    Oh yes, it looks awesome, all your posts from Vietnam looks great 🙂
    Vietnam is one of my dreams ! : ) 🙂

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