I did some creative and extravagant projects with my good friend and photographer Petra van Velzen this year. I’m so happy to announce that one of those pictures got published in a [...]

Seventies peace

I’m walking around lately wondering if the seventies weren’t much easier to live in than our current society. The seventies were filled with cute chairs, pretty cars, fashionable wide [...]

Fashion Rules

People often ask me how I put such amazing outfits together. Well let me tell you this, its not easy. I have a lot of what I call fashion rules which I follow and which dictate how I look. Also, [...]

Too hot to wear anything

It’s too hot to be even thinking about what to wear. Luckily I still managed to come up with a fabulous look. Even this weather demands some fabulous clothes because the downtown programme [...]

Life is a Bubble

Don’t you ever get the feeling that you live in a bubble? I sometimes ask myself that question, mostly when I’m very happy. You probably recognise the feeling that you can’t be happy all the time [...]


I was thinking by myself the other day about how long I have been working in the nightlife. It must be about three years now. My mind went further and I asked myself how I have grown since. I [...]