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I was thinking by myself the other day about how long I have been working in the nightlife. It must be about three years now. My mind went further and I asked myself how I have grown since. I just started dancing on stage at the RAUW party’s. I got such an adrenaline and positive shot from dancing on stage. It got me thinking that I should open my mouth and spread the word that I wanted to perform more. I also needed to stand out more and was determined to do better.

It’s almost three years later now since my first performance besides taking the stage at RAUW. That was at OHAF from Meubelstukken where I participated in the parade. I can remember it like it was yesterday, I was freaking nervous! I luckily have learned not te be nervous anymore and just have fun. I’m still learning and I’m so happy with that. It would be boring if I couldn’t grow anymore. Luckily there is so much creativity and diversity in the nightlife that I will never outgrow it. I’m working with such diverse organisations which bring me all this diverse gigs that I will never be bored with and they will always push me to keep doing better.

The result of that mindset is reflected in my recent collaborations with photographer Petra van Velzen. The nightlife-look shoots we do, push me to be at my best. I absolutely love that!

P.S. Did you vote for me yet for the Golden Gnome Awards? Pretty please do so here. I’m nominated for the Absolutely Fabulous Golden Gnome again. You only have until Friday to vote. So hurry hurry hurry!


Pictures: Petra van Velzen, Photography & Webdesign

Styling: Elio Heres

Styling Assistant: Perzia Malayeri

Make-up artist: Elio Heres

Hair by: Hairstudio Adonize

Look: Tulle collar made by me, clownsuit made by Jet van Dijk – Makeup Hair Costumes Performance, shirt by Primark (under the suit), belt is vintage and the shoes are from Pleaser.

Dark-Clown-3 Dark-Clown-2


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