Life is a Bubble

Don’t you ever get the feeling that you live in a bubble? I sometimes ask myself that question, mostly when I’m very happy. You probably recognise the feeling that you can’t be happy all the time [...]

Celebration !

Jeeeeeeej I won the Golden Gnome Award for Absolutely Fabulous person. Thanks everybody for cheering and voting for me. Let me tell you a bit about what the awards means. I won the award for the [...]

Sweet Like a Panda

Babies I hope you are al well. It’s an exciting day for me today. Tonight is the night of the Golden Gnome Awards (Gouden Kabouter Awards! So I have a busy day with fixing my make-up and [...]


I was thinking by myself the other day about how long I have been working in the nightlife. It must be about three years now. My mind went further and I asked myself how I have grown since. I [...]