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I’m walking around lately wondering if the seventies weren’t much easier to live in than our current society. The seventies were filled with cute chairs, pretty cars, fashionable wide pants and off course disco music. It was all about the joy, peace and love. Our contemporary society is filled with polarised views on our biggest problem today, the refugees from The Middle East and Africa. I see so much ill-considered comments about the refugees heading our way. People who are just trying to survive and save their children from the horror in their home country. Who are you to deny someone’s survival?

Seems that we as a species didn’t learn much in the past forty-five years. Let’s take the joy, peace and love from the seventies and apply it to the current problems. I saw a picture that said:

It’s not your country or my country, its our planet!

Want to know how you can help? This website gives advice about what you can do.

Pictures: Petra van Velzen, Photography & Webdesign

Styling & MUA: Elio Heres

Hair by: Hairstudio Adonize

Look: Pink vintage coat by Free’P’Star in Paris, pink & black vintage sweater by Bij Ons Vintage, black legging bij Allie Express, loafers by Zara, Glasses by Allie Express, pink & gold earring + clutch by Topshop.

Elio Heres Elio Heres Elio Heres Elio Heres


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