Pride Amsterdam 2017

Yesterday was the annual Gay Pride in Amsterdam. They just changed the name to Pride Amsterdam to be more inclusive. It was a very busy week for me. A Dutch interview with me for the municipality [...]

Valtifest On Fire!

I haven’t performed in over a month, that’s quite a while for an attention diva like me. I performed with a bunch of delicious performers at the Speedfreax stage at Valtifest last [...]


I got together with Kim Marees in January. Kim is the cultural manager of club Radion Amsterdam. She wanted to work with me for Radion Weekender, which was last weekend. We both wanted to do [...]

Fabulous soberness

I try each year to stop drinking alcohol for at least one month. So I decided when the end of the year was getting closer and closer that November would be my #stopvember. Because you certainly [...]

First Things First

First Things First (FTF) is the most exclusive open-minded/gay cocktail party you will find in Amsterdam. This invitation only event will take place once a month on a Sunday night in a secret [...]

Life is a Bubble

Don’t you ever get the feeling that you live in a bubble? I sometimes ask myself that question, mostly when I’m very happy. You probably recognise the feeling that you can’t be happy all the time [...]

Are You HYTE Tonight?

Have you been HYTE past nights? I have! Actually I’m hosting a secret bar there every edition from February until March. I just woke up from what felt like a hibernation after the first [...]

MILKSHAKE Festival 2014

I had to perform at Milkshake Festival last Sunday. It was so hysterical that I had to recover Monday and Tuesday morning. I had such a blast with Jet van Dijk at her stand which was called the [...]

Bungalup 2014

  Allthough I’m still recovering from an amazing weekend, I had to sit down and write you babies about it. Bungalup only comes once a year and I was sure to let everybody know by [...]