Pride Amsterdam 2017

 In Nightlife

Yesterday was the annual Gay Pride in Amsterdam. They just changed the name to Pride Amsterdam to be more inclusive. It was a very busy week for me. A Dutch interview with me for the municipality of Amsterdam about why Pride Amsterdam is still important went viral this week. I got a call from Q-music radio station about my troubled childhood and breaking free from my parents and their religion. I’m also taking part in a debate about Youtubers/Bloggers and their responsibly to younger viewers. Last but not least the Canal Parade took place yesterday.  I was one of the six rainbow coloured specials, alongside 120 other people, on the MyPrideMyFamilyOurPride boat from the 3LayersFoundation. I was performing on the front deck of the boat alongside the sweetest Kevin Kendrick. The blisters on my feet are proof for my unstoppable energy. After each little bridge over the canal was a new arena of people cheering. That gave such an adrenaline boost that I kept on dancing until the very end, even though my feet were killing me.

In short I think Pride is still important to show everyone out there that diversity, in every form, is something to celebrate, to enjoy, to embrace and to love. Life would be very boring without it. Unfortunately there are still a lot of people who don’t understand diversity. I strongly believe that we as a human race can evolve to the point that diversity is no longer difference but a normality, something that just is. But until that is accomplished, Pride will be necessary. It’s like Stephan Covey said:

‘Strength lies in differences not in similarities…’ 

P.S: for my Dutch readers, tune in to NTR Kwesties on NPO radio 1 at 20:00h (06-08-2017). I will participate in a debate about the responsibility’s of Youtubers and Bloggers.

Pictures: Maikel Huijsman

Styling: Elio Heres

The look: necklace by Cecci Fashion, body and kimono from Bij ons Vintage, heels by Jeffrey Campbell.


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