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Do you know the feeling that you’re waiting for the next thing or opportunity to come? As if you were standing on a train platform waiting for the next train. But it never comes. Or when it does and it’s a small train. So you get disappointed because you expected a bigger and more impressive one.

I had that sort of thoughts a while ago. I have high expectations and high goals in life. It’s not that I’m sitting on a bench in the train station and doing nothing to achieve my goals. But even when you do work hard you can still be waiting for the next train. Thoughts like why am I not there yet and why doesn’t my hard work pay off. Those thoughts are also as if you were waiting for the train. Because you are still waiting for the next thing to arrive. The waiting made me a bit depressed and made me constantly doubt myself.

And then it hit me. No not the train, haha. No seriously you can work your ass of but still don’t get noticed. Its because everybody is waiting for the next train to arrive and wondering why it’s not coming yet. You don’t get noticed because we are all doing the same thing, waiting. It’s important what you do on the platform. If you work hard, you got to let people know en show them what you are doing. But most important is that you love what you do so much that you even forget you were waiting for the next big train to come.

The only way to do great work is to love what you do….

And then the next train will arrive!

Pictures: Peter van der Wal aka Mgr Madhatter

Styling : Elio Heres

Make-up : Merel Halfweeg

Hair: Renee Vos from Hairstudio Adonize 

Assistant: Gautier

Look: Glasses are from Bij ons vintage, jacket and shorts are from the Rebellious Shadow collection of designer Bas Kosters. Funny fact is that I was a model for the collection so I’m on the jacket and shorts. Shirt is from the Albert Cuyp Market, clutch is from Topshop, bracelet is from Zipper and the heels are from Solestruck.

Elio HeresElio HeresElio Heres

Elio HeresLook 19 4


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  • Joy

    Yay foto’s zijn zo mooi geworden! En die lippenstift is trouwens echt super <3


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