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Milkshake Festival glasses by Rene Hut

So Milkshake Festival! Stylist Rene Hut, Huub Lammens and me hosted the main stage at Milkshake Festival. It was hysterical and so colourful. Stylist Rene Hut only wanted pastel colours with a bit fluorescent. That was the best idea ever! We had about 50 dancers covered in pastel pink, blue, green and a bit fluorescent yellow. It made the stage phenomenal. The crowd went crazy with capturing the feeling in pictures and films. I hope to show some of them later. But first let me tell you about what, in my opinion, the best aspect was. The glasses! In the picture above you see one of them. I really love them and took some of them home with me. The best part is that it is a little inspired by Natascha Morgen designs for this season. She makes fantastic somewhat masculine and in a other way feminine glasses. That androgen part is what attracts me. See for yourself in the video below. You can buy the glasses online here.


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