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In front of the Dam building

Me wearing: glasses by Topshop, watch by Philippe Starck and the rest is all vintage and the bag is from Louis Vuitton.


I have so much to share about Milkshake Festival where I hosted the main stage. But you have to wait a little longer until I get the proper movies and pictures to show you. It was unforgettable, let me tell you that! You can find a few pictures here already. I did a little vintage shopping while I recovered from Milkshake Festival. I got a little sick from all the stress, I think. Anyway I’m all better now and really happy with my vintage jumper. I think it is a jumper or a sort of vest. I absolutely love finding these sort of pieces which you can’t find anywhere else but in vintage shops. It gives me this unique feeling. Every time I buy a unique piece like this I want to go straight home and dive into my walk in closet to find the matching killer outfit. Well what do you think, did I do well? I sure think so!

There are, in my opinion, not enough vintage shops in Amsterdam. You can find my favorite shop here. Don’t go shopping crazy there! Leave something for me please.


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  • Kata

    I totally agree with you!! Not enough vintage/second hand shops here and sometimes they are too expensive. Maybe we should go shopping in other cities! And I know the feeling of combining things with stuff from your wardrobe when you have something new… 😉

    BTW is that an LV bag you got there? :-O

    • Kata

      Oh yeah, now I see it is. *Yealous!!* 🙂

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