AFW July 2013 day five

  The last day of Amsterdam Fashion Week was a good one. I went to three shows! The first one was Allan Vos. His trips to Japan and the Middle East intertwined with the Western perspective [...]

AFW July 2013 day two

  So day two of Fashion Week Amsterdam was a lot of running around. The famous Joost van Bellen had to DJ at Extrema Outdoor in Aquabest near Eindhoven.  The whole RAUWcrew came along, [...]

AFW july 2013 day one

  It’s Amsterdam Fashion Week!  In the picture you see me wearing Bas Kosters from his LOVE FUCK, YEAH! collection. I really like the collection because it has a enormous variety of [...]

Wooden bow tie

    I just bought this real wooden bow tie and I adore it. It really gives me the feeling of being a somewhat ancient man, working with wood. Two Guys Bow Ties is the brainchild of [...]

Pretty in Pink

So yesterday I had so much fun at the opening of Bas Kosters playground at Edha Interieur, which is a really nice interior store. Bas Kosters made some exciting artwork, pillows and dolls. He [...]

The meaning of Nightlife

In this section I will tell you about what I do during the night. It’s a life and a world apart from the rest. The people I come to know there are all so creative, friendly, loving and a bit [...]