Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Amsterdam | Day Three FW 2014

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Wearing a Hugo Boss red suit, bag by SPRDLX.

Wearing a Hugo Boss red suit, bag by SPRDLX.


Yesterday was my lucky day… I wasn’t that hangover from Anti Fashion Party the night before (and usually my hangovers are bad, ask my beloved Maikel) and I had four fashion shows to see today. So I woke up with a big smile and a lot of glitters on my face from yesterday’s party. Which were, of course, a nightmare to wash off. But still, nothing could ruin my mood. So we called a cab and went for day 3!

The first show was from Jonathan Christopher. I loved it!  His collection was very masculine, tough and chic. His shoes and bags lit up on the catwalk, it was amazing! You could see that every piece of clothing, every model, every outfit was thought through. Although every (model/piece of clothing/outfit) was so different, his whole collection and the whole show fitted together perfectly. Probably because he didn’t used just one color, or just black alone. There where so many clothes I would love to have and wear Pictures here.

Jonathan Christopher show

Jonathan Christopher’s show


The next show was called: ‘Ready to Fish’ by ILJA. Her collection was very casual with surprising materials and aspects in it, like plastic. Although casual is not really my style, the plastic (fantastic?) really worked for me. I immediately fell in love with the transparent plastic (rain) coat. Yeah I’m sorry, you’re all very aware of my big love for transparent things. Overall, it’s a very finished collection wearable for meanly women all day long. Pictures here.

The third show was from my all-time favorite designer MaryMe-JimmyPaul. The show was called: ‘Sam on Mars’. Fog appeared on the sides of the runway when the show started. All the models where holding plastic bags with a boiling, foggy and misty substance in it. It fitted perfectly with the theme. The whole collection was so colorful and there were a lot of big coats and dresses with feathers. Too bad we never really know who is the genius behind this label. Pictures here.

After the show of MaryMe-JimmyPaul was the show of SuperTrash at another venue at Halfweg. It was in an old sugar factory. It was way too crowded at the entrance there, because everybody went to the show on the same time. We had to stand in a very crowded place for far too long to get our tickets and after that we had wait even longer for the show to begin. Maybe it’s because I was tired from performing at Anti Fashion Party the previous night and that it was already very late in the evening, but I couldn’t take it much longer. People told me that SuperTrash always gives a big show so that’s why I went. Truth be told she did give a pretty good show and the music from my friends at Star Studded Studios was fantastic. The collection for women was very nice and she used a lot of shiny jewelry, which I always adore. Thank god the bus was right there when the show was over so I could go home and go to bed. Pictures here.

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