Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Amsterdam | Day Five FW 2014

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Wearing a ZUMO shirt, vintage bowtie and bag, pants from Topshop and heels form picture from:


Sorry guys that I had to miss day 4 of Fashion Week Amsterdam. I had to go to the vintage market at DOKA which I told you guys about before. My fashion friends told me that Winde Rienstra was really rocking it on day 4. Next time I will not miss one day of Fashion Week Amsterdam, I hereby promise! I did go to day 5 which also was the last day of the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Amsterdam.

The first show I went to was from Said Mahrouf. He presented a very basic, simple but well-crafted collection. A lot of really nice fabrics and colors made his collection very chic. The clothes could, combined with fabulous heels and a clutch, be a very fashionable outfit for an evening out with the ‘girls’. There wasn’t anything that I personally would wear. But I would love for my girlfriends to wear it. Pictures here.

collection of Said Mahrouf

Collection of Said Mahrouf


I was really looking forward to the show from Dennis Diem. He blew me away! I was immediately in love with the sky-high heels. As you all know, I like wearing high heels. But they can be dangerous too. A few models where tumbling and stumbling before one actually fell face down on the floor. My hart skipped a beat and I could not breathe for a moment.  She stood up so weird that I thought she was having an epileptic episode or something. After that another model fell on the floor. That’s when I realized that it was all an act. And a quite brilliant one! All the people were looking and applauding when the models got on their feet again. It was the talk of the night. The show was called ‘Opium’ so falling down and crawling back up fitted the theme perfectly. But I still get a little nauseous writing about it. The creations of Dennis where so magnificent that the act didn’t overshadowed the collection. His show was inspired by opium and the movement of smoke, everything was just so gorgeous that I couldn’t keep my eyes of his creations. The two designs in the picture below are my favorite. Would love to marry and die in them. You decide which one for which occasion. Pictures here.

Colelction of Dennis Diem, want this designs!

Colelction of Dennis Diem, want this designs!


I had a diner planned with my dear aunt so I didn’t go to the last shows of Edwin Oudshoorn and SIS. You can see the pictures of there shows here. Fashion week Amsterdam is a wrap. I hope you al enjoyed my review of the shows. Please leave a comment to let me know what you think.

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