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I just got back from an amazing week in London. But OMG what an expensive city that is! It also didn’t help that I have been drinking Champagne or Cava in posh places everyday, haha oeps.  I also dived in to the vintage shopping in London. I used to only go vintage shopping in Camden Town but this vintage bitch wanted to see it all this time. Luckily I had a whole week to visit almost all the shops. I met DJ Ghost Culture, who lives in London, a few months ago at a RAUW party. He showed me al a lot of vintage shops in London. Most of them are situated on Bricklane or near there. I have to say that the prices are ridiculous! And not in a good way. There was this one shop in Northern London where almost everything was 32 Pounds which is like more than 40 Euro’s. Although the shop was very neat and ordered I think the prices are extremely high. It’s vintage which means it probably didn’t cost them much to buy in. The location of the shop coudn’t also be reason why it would be fare to pay that kind of prices because It was up in Northern London and it took me a long time to get there. It’s probably because vintage shopping is hip now but for me as a historical (and hysterical) vintage bitch it was a disappointment. Probably one other reason of my disappointment is that I’m used to the (in my opinion) fare and cheap prices of Het Kaufhaus.

I did have an amazing time besides the vintage drama and really got to love London even more. It was also very good weather the first few days which made it feel like summer. Sorry for my Nightlife followers but I was to tired to go party, shame on me I know! I think I just needed a break from it for a week.  But don’t despair! I will be dancing at RAUW in Paradiso Amsterdam tonight so please come join me. Busy P, Riton, Buston  Bun and Joost van Bellen will play in the big room and WANNABE A STAR, Fashionpack and Hey Girl Hey will play in the basement.

Hope to see you tonight!

London-Calling-5 London-Calling-3 London-Calling-6 London-Calling-2 London-Calling-4 London-Calling-1

The Look: top is from H&M, legging is from Bas Kosters, shoes are from Solestruck and clutch is from a market in Bangkok. 

Images by: Lily Rose Sue 


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