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I just found this amazing artist via internet and had to share it with you babies. The story of Viktoria Modesta is a real inspiring one. From birth she had some lasting problem with her left leg. She was in and out of the hospital almost all of her younger years. Until she chose to have her leg amputated at the age of fifteen. Wauw that is such a brave decision at such a young age. I can really relate to that because I decided to leave home when I was sixteen years old. Although its a different thing it’s both a really big and life-changing decision.

Viktoria Modesta has transformed her disability into an ability. That is truly remarkable and deserves a lot of respect. She has made art of her prosthetic leg in collaboration with Sophie de Oliveira Barata. They are making the prosthetic leg a fashion accessory. Viktoria can bring variation in her looks with this prosthetic leg art, which makes me kind of jealous. Especially as it looks absolutely fierce! Viktoria and Sophie really show that having a leg amputated is not a disability, but an opportunity to make some wonderful art. This is a statement for everyone (with or without an amputated leg) to reconsider there opinion about disability. I think that is what a true artist does. Making people question their own beliefs and thoughts and transforming that opinion.

Please watch both the music video and the making of, to really get to know Viktoria.


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