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YASSSSSS it’s finally done! I’ve been working with my website genius Eljany Koppe from Helloworldwebdesign on my new website layout for months. You probably think it’s not that big of a deal but it is actually. Hours of discussing whether a line should be darker or thicker and how much space should be between each of the lines. I also spent hours on mastering photoshop and still can learn a lot more about it. But was all for a good cause. I’m soo proud of how it turned out to be. I sincerely hope you babies like it as much as I do.

I really want to thank artist Daan Huberts for making the artwork for my header. I’m really happy with it!


I also want to thank soon to be great designer Patrick Hiemstra for making the artwork for my sociale media links. They look absolutely amazing!

Scan0003 Scan0004 Scan0002Scan0005Scan0006

And last but certainly not least my website genius Eljany Koppe from Helloworldwebdesign with whom I spent long evenings drinking red wine and working on the new layout of my website. I love you!


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