P.S. (Pink and Sassy), I love you

 In Nightlife

I feel my life as a performer in the nightlife is booming at the moment. I’m rushing from one to an other gig every weekend for the past few weeks. Up to four gigs in one weekend. You must be thinking OMG when do you sleep? Well sleep is for throughout the week babies. You got to embrace the booming moment and make the most of it. So boom boom I will! Follow me on facebook (click here) to see where and when I’m performing.

PS 1

PS 2

PS 3

The look: the pink coat is actually not mine but I took it home when I was drunk after a gig. I can’t find the owner anywhere. The owner put the coat on me and said it looked better on me, so maybe that’s why she didn’t respond on my Facebook announcement to find the owner. Anyway, the necklace is a gift from my friend Bas Kosters (click here), the clutch is a gift of my friend Sophie and is from Monki (click here), the fishnet panty is from Le Papilon (click here) and the heels are from somewhere you don’t want to know.

Picture and video by Maikel Huijsman. 


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