First fashion show of ZaZai Design: Culture Clash

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I attended the first fashion show of ZaZai Design called Culture Clash. Designer Nawed Elias, born in Afghanistan, really wanted to show the world that Afghanistan isn’t all about war, poverty and closed minds. The show really portrayed the clash between East cultural fashion with the blurred gender lines of the Western society. Nawed Elias wanted to show that guys can also look fabulous with make-up and high heels. Not surprisingly is that I really loved the show. It was bold and it showed in a amazing way how an open mind doesn’t have to fade away culture. Although the show was much longer than a normal fashion show it really showed the crowd what he is capable of!

Below some pictures to the designs I adored. All pictures are from Najim El Ouahabi. Click on his name for more pictures.

Zazai(Culture Clash)2015-60Zazai(Culture Clash)2015-70Zazai(Culture Clash)2015-122Zazai(Culture Clash)2015-146 Zazai(Culture Clash)2015-174Zazai(Culture Clash)2015-194Zazai(Culture Clash)2015-209Zazai(Culture Clash)2015-216


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