The boy with the red coat in Paris

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I bought some new clothes and accessories when I was in Barcelona last week. One of the items I’m so crazy about is the red coat that you see in the pictures. It gives my wardrobe a whole new look and a whole lot more styling variations. Whenever I wear it people seem to stop what their doing and just look up and stare. I love it! It gives me the Bam Bam Pow Pow feeling that I’m always longing for. The first time I stepped outside in Paris wearing the coat someone asked to photograph Maikel and me so she could feature us on her Instagram. She said that we are so stylish.  Don’t we know it!

To Quote my favourite Gore Vidal:

Style is knowing who you are, what you want to say, and not giving a damn’ (about what other people think of you). 

P.S: Maikel asked me to marry him underneath the Eiffel Tower in Paris. So romantic! Off course I said yes! Happy Elio a.t.m.

Pictures: Maikel Huijsman

Styling: Elio Heres

The look: The red coat is vintage from Flamingos Vintage Kilo Tallers (Barcelona), Shirt and Pants are vintage from Het Kaufhaus (Utrecht), Watch is from Cluse, the two bracelets are vintage from Lullaby (Barcelona), Clutch is from Bij ons Vintage (Amsterdam), I bought the loafers in Rome.




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