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Manifesto 2012

In this section I will tell you about what I do during the night. It’s a life and a world apart from the rest. The people I come to know there are all so creative, friendly, loving and a bit weird. Usually, I perform at the most amazing (private) parties and festivals. Yes, usually, because sometimes I do the artist handling or the guest list or some other fun but less attention-seeking stuff.

I will also show you what I’m wearing at the fabulous party’s. Hopefully you get inspired by it!

For me, working and living in the nightlife is a way of expressing myself completely, even more than with fashion. There is so much diversity at the cool party’s that I always have to step up my game to even get noticed. And that is a challenge I love to take on!

The photo (taken by Dennis Bouman) is from -in my opinion- one of the greatest parties of the year: MANIFESTO. The party is always given around the Christmas/ New Year period at the very mysterious club Paradiso, which is actually an old church. I was performing for the party with a bunch of other amazing people. From left to right in the front you see: Mada van Gaans (designer), Bas Kosters (designer) and me.


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