AFW july 2013 day one

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AFW day 1

Wearing a vintage coat, bodysuit by Bas Kosters, and Jeffery Campell shoes. foto by team Peter Stigter.


It’s Amsterdam Fashion Week!  In the picture you see me wearing Bas Kosters from his LOVE FUCK, YEAH! collection. I really like the collection because it has a enormous variety of exclusive prints. You really stand out the crowd when you wear it. I mean really! A lot off people at the part before and after the shows took pictures and close-ups from it. The message of the collection is also really appealing. Love speaks to everyone in a different and at the same time same way. Bas Kosters had recently found new love in his love and that inspired him for the collection. There are some pieces about the sweet aspect of love as well a little rebellious pieces. Check the collection!

Back to fashion week! on day one I went to two shows. Day one kicked of with the show of SIS by Spijkers en Spijkers. The show was inspired by a young Brigitte Bardot. I got a French picnic feeling at the show, lovely. All do it’s not really my style, with the squares and wide skirts, there where a few peaces I would love to wear. Be sure to check out the pictures!

I really was looking forward to the show of MaryMe-JimmyPaul. I love there use off bright and outstanding colors and big pieces. Luckily the show was just that! The fun part of this show was that the audience could vote for every piece if they liked it or not. At the end there was a winner and a loser. The models were dressed to the extreme sporting high heels, knee high boots, printed suits and spectacular fluffy/fur-like dresses and tops. There where so many peaces I would die for to wear. Find the pictures of this outstanding show here.

You will find me talking about more shows later.



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