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I had to escape the melting heat in Bai Xep so I took the nightbus to the much more pleasant climate of Dalat. Dalat. The city of Dalat surrounds a small lake with a beautiful golf course and is situated in the highlands of South Vietnam. It used to be a summer hide out for the rich French people who lived in Ho Chi Minh City when Vietnam was still a colony of France. With the cooler climate in the highlands, came also a bit more rain. But, hey you can’t have it all!

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Elio Heres in Vietnam Dalat-7

You can see the rich colonial heritage everywhere in Dalat. The bright coloured houses make Dalat very beautiful. I toured on a motorbike through the city on my own. Which was perfect! Dalat has many beautiful parks and a ‘Crazy House’, which is an attraction that has a bit of the same feeling as Parc Güell in Barcalona.

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Elio Heres in Vietnam Dalat

The Crazy House

I also visited an old colonial train station that was out of use. The central market is one big cheap shopping Walhalla, but also with a lot off bad quality stuff. I bought belts, which seemed to be from real leather. They looked shitty immediately after wearing them for one time. What a waste. I guess that you can expect that from such a cheap tourist market. There’s also a night market, which is more about food and fun to go to.

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Day market

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The night market

There was also this amazing party place with a thousand caves where everybody literally lost everybody. Which was so funny and scary at the same time. I’ve been to one club called V Club, which was absolutely horrible so I don’t recommend that anyone. If you do want to see it for yourself make sure you bring your earplugs. The music is deafening.

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Always keep that in mind! Some coffee bar mindfulness.

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