Speedfreax is back!

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The legendary party of Meubel Stukken ‘Speedfreax’ is back! Speedfreax used to be a very popular and special monthly party from 1997 until 2003. It was special because Speedfreax is a combination of multicultural influences, with different sorts of music, good performances, poetry and fashion. These aspects were still there when Speedfreax re-entered the party scene in Rotterdam last November.

This new edition of Speedfreax was the first time for me. I was so glad I was asked to preform there, especially because it was also the celebration of 15 years Meubel Stukken. I did a performance with the Bas Kosters crew, and it was fabulous! I really enjoyed myself afterwards with the crowd, which was very multicultural. Love that! I even did a little guest performance at an other stage, while I was a bit tipsy.

The trip to Rotterdam was definitively worth it! There will be an next edition probably somewhere in the spring. Keep checking the website from Meubel Stukken for more info. For more fantastic pictures from the party check their facebookpage.

Hope to see you there next time.

Picture by Sven de Ceuninck

Picture by Sven de Ceuninck

(picture on my homepage is from Martijn Barzilaij/Marty Marn Photography)


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