Fashionweek Amsterdam SS 2015 | Day 3

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I woke up yesterday around two pm and had a massive hangover from ANTI Fashion Party #16 Fashion Funeral. That could only tell me that the party was amazing. BNN followed me the whole day and night for a tv program which will be broadcasted in September. Let’s go back to Saturday, so as I already explained to you I woke up with this massive hangover. I texted my friend that I would not go to the fashion shows that day. After I pressed send I began to wonder and I told myself that I would be crazy if I did not go. Fashionweek always has this fabulous atmosphere and I absolute love to see where the Dutch fashion is heading to next year. So I jumped out of bed, put the fabulous filter over my body and raced to the first show of that specific day. With filter, I mean the actual filter you use to make your pictures look more smooth, beautiful and flawless. Yes, that was what I was aiming for. And guess what? I gave them my ALL! And surprisingly enough I arrived at three pm at the event, amazingly fast!

The first show was from Mevan Kaluarachchi. Besides the fact that the male models where absolutely delicious, the clothes itself were just as delicious. All the designs where very wearable and chic (which I absolutely love). I would wear a lot of them! You can find pictures of the show here.

The next show was from By Brown. I was blown away by this show. I’m always a fan of shoulder pads and By Brown had some amazing shoulder pads in her designs. I really hope the shoulder pads will make a come back. Hope hope hope! Check the pictures here.

The last show I visited was from several designers from Pakistan and was called VIBRANT PAKISTAN. I loved the fact that it was so different and colorful. The men collection was very international and the rest very cultural. The first model arrived in a Tuktuk which was such a beautiful moment for me. The Tuktuk reminded me of my own almost life-changing trip through South- East Asia. I absolutely loved it!

I also met this guy from Vienna which invited me to go to the fashionweek of Vienna, YAAASSS I’m so excited about that!


photo Sophie van Veen for  Team Peter Stighter

10531208_807676109272173_220661646_nThe look: shirt and bow tie are vintage, dress is made by Jet van Dijk

Pictures are from Team Peter Stigter and Hans Lachman.


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