Status Quo

This blogpost is very up close and personal, emotional even. Let me take you back to the beginning of 2016. I woke up on the first of January 2016 with a bit of a hangover of course, but not that [...]

Aladin’s feelings

So so so chic! I just love my new belt I bought in London. It has a little Disney Aladin feeling but is chic at the same time. It bring a new wind through my looks. Even my hair catching that [...]


The other day, I had a chat with a boy who is still in his adolescent years. He told me that he loved the way I present and dress myself. It’s nice to see that I can inspire younger boys, and [...]


What am I going to wear? That is the first thing I think of whenever anyone asks me to go out. Do you recognize that? I’m sure you do! My next thought is always that I have nothing to wear [...]

Five years of Bungalup

I’ve been a Blupper from the very beginning. Last weekend was Bungalup Festival for the fifth time. I will explain Bungalup for the readers who don’t know what sort of festival it is. [...]