Some stunning tie knots.

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The tie, one of my favorite fashion accessory. Tie’s are sophisticated, chic and when I’m wearing one I feel like a vintage person in a new age. I get this instant masculine feeling when I put one on. Combining a tie with a good earring or pump can get people look two or more times when I pass by. Those people like to pigeonhole me, but they aren’t able to do so. That contradiction and confusion is what I love!

Anyway, I saw these very nice movie clips on youtube about how you can bring some variation in your tie knot. There are nine movie clips below made by Alex Krasny. What a challenge!

1. The Eldridge knot

2. The Trinity Knot

3. The Cape Knot

4. The Four in a Hand Knot

5. The Merovingian or Ediety Knot

6. The Onassis Knot

7. The (ENORMOUS) Balthus Knot

8. The Cross Knot

9. The Pratt Knot


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  • Maikel

    Wow!! Dat is handig!! Good story!!

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