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You all know that I’m a strong believer in that you should make an effort of your look when going to a party or festival. Don’t just put a t-shirt, pants and some sneakers on. The night or the festival day is all about expressing yourself in a creative, open and sexy way. So that means that you should look more lifted then how you look through the day.

onesie man 1

I recently got a comment on my testimony, about that people should make more effort of their looks when going out. He said that people don’t always have the time or desire to dress up for party’s or festivals. Well I have just the solution for that, onesies! Because you don’t really have to think about combinations of different clothes and you can put it on in just a second.

onesie man 2

I know when most people think of an onesie they think about hanging in front of the television on the couch at home. Well when I think about an onesie I get all these memories of this cool dudes who wear them to the fabulous party’s and festivals where I perform. And not only dude’s there are always some crazy cool chicks who wear them too. It always makes me happy to see all these crazy animal, polka dot’s or colorful onesies. It makes me feel kinda at home but at the same time energetic and it brings me in a party mood.

onesie vrouw 1

In the pictures you can see how an onesie can work for men and women and everything in between. Man only have to wear the onesies with some cool creepers which match or contradict the color of the onesie and a really cool watch. The girls can make it sexy with a belt, heels and a good necklace. These are just things I did with the onesie but you can play with as you like. You can buy your own onesie online (click here).

onesie vrouw 2

onesie vrouw 3

The looks: onesie from Onesieskopen.nl (click here), belt is vintage, necklace is from Topshop (click here), you don’t want to know where the heels are from, creepers are from Solestruck (click here). Pictures by Miro Zwering. 


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