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I have been asked to tell a bit of my rural background on national television. They wanted to know why I am who I am and what makes me so extravagant. It was for the channel BNN (NPO 3) for the show called: Je Zal Het Maar Zijn with the lovely and famous Sophie Hilbrandt. The program is about people with an extraordinary story to tell. My story is about what makes me the night butterfly or moth that I am.  I’m sorry for my followers who can’t read or speak Dutch because the show is in Dutch. I explain a bit of the story below.

I grew up as one of Jehovah’s Witness and left my family when I was 16 years old. I wasn’t allowed to be myself so I left. After years of being depressed and grief over the loss of my family I’m finally ready, steady, confident and happy enough to open up about it and tell my story. I wrote my parents a letter a few years ago where I explained a lot. I stood up for myself. It was basically about my belief that parents should love their child unconditionally. I end the letter saying that every child needs the unconditional love fromtheir parents. I got the letter send back to me by my parents and they highlighted that sentence but left out the word unconditional. That proofs that my parents and I have a difference in believe about what is love. It made it possible for me to put it all behind me. Ifinally opened myself up to who I am and who I want to be.

I have grown so much since than and really became the person I always knew I could be. It still hurts sometimes that I don’t have my parents and sister with me anymore but I don’t miss them as a person. I miss the institution parents and sister. I have learned to live with that pain.

In return I got friends and family and people who like me for who I am. And not just when I do as they say, like my parents do.

I want to end this by saying that you always should stay true to yourself. Be the family, strength and backbone for yourself and learn to always believe in that. You will get where you want to be if you really believe in yourself.


Broadcast information:

When: Sunday 28 september on 21.15 (European mainland time)
Where: on NPO 3 and the program is called Je Zal Het Maar Zijn


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  • Sim1

    Dear Elio,

    As a read your words, tears appeared in my eyes. I’m sorry to hear about the believe in love of your family, but what a great message you preach here!! I admire your strength to bend something painfull into such a peacefull lesson for all of us.
    The world could be a better place if we all thought like that!! X

    In front of the tele now!

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