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I’ve been struck by the flu. I’ve been hiding in bed and on the sofa for three days in a row now. For a busy bee like me that feels somewhat like hell. I just wanted to eat myself after two days of watching Netflix. So I had to find my inner Wolf to get up and write to my babies. To all my babies who are feeling sick. Find your inner Wolf and try to do at least one thing that makes you happy. The happiness will do wonders for your sickness.

My styling assistant Perzia Malayeri and me tried out a new location near my home and we also tried a new way (for me at least) of fashion posing. It actually fits my feeling of being sick perfectly. This bored, distant and neutral look. Funny how life works sometimes. Like Viktoria Modesta would say, make your inability (being sick in this case) an ability (trying a new pose).

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Wolf-2 Wolf-3

The look: gloves are from De Bijenkorf, scarf is from ZARA, faux fur coat is from Forever 21, sweater is from Ali, legging is from the Albert Cuyp market, creepers are from and clutch is from Monkey. 

Photographer: Perzia Malayeri


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