OMG my first hand stitched couture !

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First of all, HAPPY NEW YEAR BABIES ! ! ! I wish you all the good there is and most of all a lot of pleasure and joy from me and my blog this year.

My dear friend and designer Bas Kosters will show his new couture line at Amsterdam Fashionweek in two weeks. He asked me to help out because of the work that still has to be done. I was delighted to help out but there was only one problem. I have absolutely never touched a needle in my life (in any way, haha).  I’m beginning my sowing lessons tomorrow at Studio Sabine Staartjes, so no experience yet what so ever. I still really wanted to help out though. So I went yesterday after work.

Bas said that he would learn me how to hand stitch. I had some doubts about that and didn’t know how that would turn out. But I was eager to finally learn it. Bas and his interns explained and showed me how it worked and I eventually spent the whole afternoon helping out. I absolutely loved it! I’m so happy that my first hand sewing lesson turned out to be with Bas. I’ve worked, modelled and danced so many times for him in the last couple of years. But never actually helped him with a couture line. I’m very happy to be a very very small part of it. As you babies all know I’m a big fan of his clothes. So that I actually helped make one is beyond my dreams for 2015.

The cover page is pretty much what I sewed today. Below an action photograph, haha. 



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  • Zarina

    I can help if help needed :))) good for you to learn this!

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