Solar Festival 2013 aftermovie

 In Nightlife

Every year with RAUW at Solar Festival the crowd won’t stop partying. The music stops at 23.00 sharp but the crowd goes on singing and demanding that we go on with the party. Last year the crowd even torn down the entire stage. Insane! But I like it. It gives the whole RAUW crew the feeling that we did a great job at entertaining them. You can see the crowd going crazy at the end of the aftermovie. I specially want to say thanks to Joost van Bellen who is mister RAUW himself and makes it all possible.

You can see me perform in the aftermovie of RAUW at SOLAR Festival 2013 at: 0:22, 0:25, 2:12 and 2:23. All the fabulous outfits are made by designer Marjolein van der Wal, you can check her out here.


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